2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award Submission


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2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award Submission

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  • Company Information

  • Business Background

  • Include description of primary products and services
  • Award Related Information

    Impact on Business Operations (Total 40 Points)

  • Briefly summarize how your customer service offerings have had an impact on your business operations (Max: 600 words).

    • Sales Growth
    • New product/service offerings, improvements, or enhancements
    • Greater Profitability
  • Uniqueness of Service Offerings (Total 30 Points)

  • Describe your organization’s approach to customer service delivery and enhancement. (30 Points).

    • Innovative or unique approach to customer service
    • Request for customer feedback
    • Efforts to receive employee feedback on customer service improvements
  • Employee Training and Incentives (Total 30 Points)

  • Describe employee training and incentive programs undertaken to ensure understanding and delivery of your organization’s service standards (30 Points).

    • Internal and/or external customer service training
    • Incentives and other motivation provided to employees
  • Testimonials

    If you wish, provide two testimonials - one of which must be from a customer/client.
  • Testimonial 1

  • Testimonial 2

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