Today, our Chamber submitted its 2024-2025 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission to the Government of Prince Edward Island. 

Our recommendations are that the provincial government:

  1. Work closely with private-sector developers, municipalities, and other relevant stakeholders – including our Chamber – to increase the overall supply of housing units in PEI
  2. Grant landlords in PEI the right to increase vacant units, where a tenant leaves voluntarily, to Market Rate
  3. Expedite timeline to increasing Basic Personal Amount to $15,000
  4. Build inflationary increases into this $15,000 Basic Personal Amount threshold, commencing with next year.
  5. Implement a personal income tax indexing system to prevent inflationary bracket creep
  6. Partner with the private sector to fund a multi-sector workforce strategy with targets for economic growth, including business and community-led solutions.
  7. Invest in the Private Sector by Outsourcing Work (i.e., contract or full-time outsourcing to private sector businesses)
  8. Ensure provincial supports are in place to continue with aggressive immigration targets to match the federal government’s effort, including recruitment, integration and retention of immigrants that align with workforce needs.
  9. Maintain funding for immigration support services, like PEI Connectors, to support newcomers and their transition into our workforce and business community.


These recommendations – with a focus on housing, taxation, and workforce – were formulated based on feedback from the Chamber membership, Advocacy Committee, and Board of Directors. 

Click here to read our submission.