Today, the Chamber submitted its 2024-2025 pre-budget recommendations to the City of Charlottetown, with a focus on encouraging housing development.

In our recommendations, we advocated for the City to:

  1. Amend Zoning and Development Bylaw height restrictions to encourage supply growth by building up
  2. Reduce the Minimum Parking Requirements for new Multi-Unit Residential construction and Dwelling Units
  3. Reduce the 0.5 acre minimum Lot Area required for Garden Suites
  4. Expedite approval process to accelerate development

We also strongly recommended the City work closely with private-sector developers, the provincial and federal governments, and other relevant stakeholders (like our Chamber) to increase the supply of housing units.

The recommendations were based on feedback from members, Advocacy Committee, and the GCACC Board of Directors.

Click here to view our submission.