Charlottetown, PE – The announcement that the Atlantic Bubble will reopen on April 19th is welcome news to the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce and its members. The Atlantic Premiers agreed to the reopening of the Bubble, which will allow residents of the Atlantic provinces to travel within the region without the requirement to self-isolate for 14 days. The easing of travel restrictions by mid-April will provide tourism operators a jump on the upcoming season and allow businesses who rely on regional travel to plan accordingly.

“The announcement to safely re-open the Atlantic Bubble next month is wonderful news for Island businesses and our economy as well as families looking to reunite,” said Penny Walsh-McGuire, CEO of the Chamber. “This is certainly a positive step forward as we look to what we expect will be a much stronger year, particularly for our tourism and hospitality industry.”

In early March, the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island and the Chamber issued a joint letter to Premier Dennis King, advocating for the safe re-opening of the Atlantic Bubble. In addition to the re-opening of the Bubble, the Chamber recommended that the Atlantic provinces seek opportunities to harmonize COVID-19 guidelines and public health protocols to make the rules more consistent between the four provinces.

“By implementing harmonized guidelines between our Atlantic provinces, it will reduce inconsistencies and confusion for travelers within and to the region,” said Walsh-McGuire. “We do hope that the four provincial governments will look for opportunities to align on regulations in order to make this Bubble more integrated than the previous.”

The Chamber, and its members, look forward to welcoming Atlantic Canadian visitors to our province on April 19.

To view the provincial government’s official news release on the Atlantic Bubble, click here.



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