On February 15, 2023, Connolly Group turned 25. Below, Shayne and Steve Connolly reflect on the last 25 years of Connolly Group:

A huge thank you to all of our friends, suppliers, clients, supporters and anyone that has had a hand in it, but shockingly, Connolly Group turns 25 on Wednesday, February 15!

You all know your role in our success but rarely do we say thank you enough. Hopefully, the attached photos will let you know how thankful we are to have been in your lives over these 25 years of Connolly Group. We have grown from the two of us and an assistant on the second floor of the second building at the Inns at Great George in 1998 to 11 years of smelling beer and food above the Gahan House, to now eight people (including the generally retired Dad these days) in our space here at 109 Richmond Street. We have seen our clientele grow over the years, and all of us now spend our days providing service to all of you, and for that trust, we are forever grateful. Thank you for this confidence in our products and services; it is truly, truly appreciated.

If you find yourself close by our office during the rest of the week, please stop by for a picture with our Anniversary balloons so we can share your best wishes with the social media world.

It truly wouldn’t have happened without you; please pat yourself on the back for a job still being well done!

-Shayne and Steve

Click here to view Connolly Group’s celebratory video on Facebook!