Dear Members,

Today, Wednesday, May 6, the provincial government outlined the following steps that businesses should take as part of their COVID-19 recovery efforts:

  1. Review the Renew PEI, Together plan and its phased approach.
  2. Review the Principles and Guidelines on the Renew PEI website. These principles and guidelines are relevant to all stages of the recovery plan.
  3. Connect with industry associations to develop a general set of guidelines and principles for operating. For those businesses that do not have an industry association, they should connect with like-minded businesses to work together on shared guidelines and principles. *Please note, the Chamber is in the process of coordinating meetings between members who do not have industry associations. To be part of these conversations, please email Tania at*
  4. Each organization or business will need to complete an operational plan outlining how their business, service or organization is prepared for COVID-19. The Cheif Public Health Office has a template available that provides guidance for developing these plans – view the template here. These plans should be created before providing services.
  • There is now a Renew for Business resource page that will be updated with the latest COVID-19 recovery information and sample industry operational plans when complete.
  • Contact information for questions regarding operational plans can be found here.

To support member recovery efforts, the Chamber is taking the following action:

  • We will be hosting a Chamber Live webinar on developing an operational plan with a representative from the provincial public health office. Stay tuned for more details.
  • As noted above, we are continuing member outreach efforts by coordinating meetings for businesses that do not have representation from a specific industry association.
  • Updating our COVID-19 Resource Page with sample operational plans and guidelines from industry associations and businesses as they become available.
  • Continuing to advocate for government to provide clarity and rationale behind business-related decisions in the Renew PEI, Together plan.

Yesterday, Tuesday, May 5, the federal government announced:

As your Chamber, we will continue to share relevant information as it becomes available. As always, please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Dawn Binns, President 
Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce