While the Eco Spirit Emporium bricks and mortar location was an amazing journey, it has now officially transitioned back into its original online presence, Naturally Canada – a sustainable apparel e-commerce store. Naturally Canada has had its own transformation, including an updated logo and website, as well as exciting new initiatives.

Since Naturally Canada’s founding in 2016, the company has been exploring new ways for its current platform and marketplace to have greater meaning and diversify beyond just e-commerce. In this regard, they are proud to launch and share two new initiatives, The Movement – regeneration and Kim’s Emporium.

For the regenerative movers, shakers, and learners, The Movement is a portal to expert insight and the collective efforts aimed at healing the planet and its people through mixed media content. Subscribe online today to access articles, podcasts, and videos on environmental findings, as well as guidance on how to pursue an eco-friendly lifestyle. The Naturally Canada team is also in search of authors, so please reach out to them if you have an article or other media/commentaries you would like to have published.

Kim’s Emporium is a style and personal eco-brand shopping service that provides a solution to the fast fashion ‘abyss’ of endless choices, options and questionable quality. Their team assists customers in curating looks with the latest in eco trends and select vintage pieces.

For more information on either of these new initiatives, please view naturallycanada.com or reach out to them via the Contact Us page.