Gomex Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce that its Founder, Valentine Gomez, recently achieved his designation as a Certified Passive House Designer, through the Passive House Institute (Darmstadt, Germany). Gomex Engineering is currently the only firm on the Island with a Certified Passive House Designer and they are excited to offer this new service to Islanders.

Passive houses are low energy, sustainable and resilient homes that prioritize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. This is done by creating an airtight building envelope, that is well insulated with high-performing windows and doors and an appropriately sized mechanical ventilation system.

These energy-efficient buildings require very little energy to heat or cool, which in turn significantly lowers the building’s carbon footprint and monthly energy costs for the entire life of the building. It is not uncommon to hear about passive houses built in Canada with energy bills in the range of $100-$200 total, for the year. This includes all electricity, heating, cooling and domestic hot water. These high-performance buildings require smaller and less expensive mechanical (HVAC) equipment and solar energy systems to operate.

Mr. Gomez is also able to work with existing older buildings to significantly improve the energy efficiency of the building. These deep energy retrofits can be performed all at once or spread out over a time frame that is more cost-effective for the building owner.

To learn more about Passive Houses and Gomex Engineering’s services, visit www.gomex-engineering.com.


Valentine Gomez – PEI’s only Certified Passive House Designer