Havana & Co., weaving its narrative in the realm of natural skincare, proudly announces its presence in 119 Kent Street, Unit 220, Charlottetown, PEI. With a commitment to purity and authenticity, Havana & Co. introduces a collection of Bath & Body products crafted for those who seek the essence of natural beauty.

About Havana & Co.:
Havana & Co. is not just a skincare brand; it’s a philosophy that embraces the simplicity and elegance of nature. Founded on the principles of passion for entrepreneurship, a spirit of simplicity, the courage to take on challenges, and a deep sense of gratitude, Havana &Co. delivers products that resonate with the discerning consumer.

Founder Quote:
As the founder of Havana & Co., I embarked on this journey with a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep appreciation for the simplicity and elegance found in nature. Havana & Co. is more than a skincare brand; it’s are flection of my commitment to crafting products that embody the beauty of natural living. Every creation is a testament to the courage to embrace challenges and the gratitude I hold for the lessons learned from life. Welcome to Havana & Co., where skincare meets simplicity, and nature’s elegance is unveiled.

Unveiling Nature’s Elegance:
Havana & Co.’s debut collection is a testament to the beauty found in simplicity. Crafted with care and precision, our plant-based oils take center stage, ensuring each product is a harmonious blend designed to balance pH levels, moisturize deeply, cleanse gently, and provide a soothing touch to your skin. From the enchanting Lavender to the invigorating Orange Mint and the comforting Vanilla, each soap is a celebration of nature’s bounty. Dive into a skincare experience where the elegance of plant-based ingredients meets the benefits of balanced pH, profound moisturization, and a clean, soothing embrace—revealing a radiant, naturally beautiful you.

Key Features:

  • 100% Cold-Pressed Method
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Premium Blend for Radiant Skin
  • Balance pH levels, moisturizing, cleanse & soothes, and vegan-friendly.

Community Connection:
Beyond products, Havana & Co. is dedicated to fostering a community that appreciates the beauty of natural living. With a commitment to transparency, the brand invites customers to embark on a journey of skincare intertwined with simplicity and elegance.