Holland College recently announced a new six-week evening course for members of the public who are interested in increasing their knowledge and acquiring basic skills that will help them understand the field of bioscience.

The program, which will run once a week on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m., is suitable for senior high school students aspiring to enroll in the bioscience technology program, educators interested in improving their scientific skills and getting hands-on lab experience, and members of the public.

Dr. Jessica Livingston, one of the three instructors for the course, said participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with lab procedures.
“We’ll do a hands-on laboratory activity every week and teach them different bioscience techniques, as well as data analysis, data acquisition, and other scientific activities,” she said.

The course begins March 7 and ends April 11 and is offered free of charge thanks to funding provided through the President’s Strategic Initiative Challenge Award. Seating is limited.

In addition to the Bioscience Technology program, Holland College offers a Bioscience Joint Degree with UPEI and a Bioscience Technology Post Graduate Certificate program.

To register or get more information about the Bioscience community lab, visit the General Interest Courses section of the Holland College website or contact Dr. Livingston at jmlivingston@hollandcollege.com.


Dr. Mike Gibson and Dr. Jessica Livingston discuss plans for the upcoming community lab course.