Holland College is looking for businesses to partner with to provide On-the-Job Training Opportunities for second-year students.

Providing OJT placements through Holland College’s Business Administration program offers many rewarding opportunities for employers. Partnering companies will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover and test-drive new talent
  • Increase their business’ visibility on campus
  • Gain a fresh perspective for solving issues
  • Provide a zero-cost option for reducing employee workload, improving unseen processes, and increasing productivity
  • Minimize workflow interruption by easing the workload of your current employees
  • Give back to the community and enhance the local workforce
  • Close the skills gap
  • Foster leadership skills in current employees

Students are available on a full-time basis, for a five-week unpaid on-the-job training period, from March 22nd – April 23rd.

If your organization is interested, please send a short job description to Brenda Compton (bcompton@hollandcollege.com) that can be shared with students.

Once a job description is received, you will receive the resumes of interested students. At that time, you can directly contact the students you would like to schedule interviews with and begin the process of discovering future employees and giving back to PEI’s talent pipeline.