Holland College has been named one of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges again in 2020 by Research Infosource Inc. The college placed third on the list of medium-sized colleges, with a total of 82 projects completed in 2019, and 34th overall, moving up four places from last year. In total, the college participated in $2,260,000 in sponsored research.

Holland College partners with industry to solve problems or take advantage of market opportunities by developing new products, processes or services. Existing technology may be used in new ways, or new technology may be developed. These projects enhance the quality of college programs while providing valuable support to companies in Atlantic Canada.

All of Holland College’s programs can participate in applied research projects, offering students in many disciplines with the opportunity to think critically and put their skillsets into action to support innovation and economic development. Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, the college’s food product research and development center and an NSERC Technology Access Center, also plays a significant role in supporting industry through applied research projects.