Holland College President & CEO, Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald recently signed a two-year contract extension, Jessie Inman, Chair of the Holland College Board of Governors, announced.

“The Board of Governors is very impressed with Dr. MacDonald’s performance since he began in 2019 and are delighted that he has agreed to remain in the role of President & CEO to the end of 2025. Under his leadership, there have been numerous, significant accomplishments for our college and the province. We look forward to continuing to work with Sandy and his management team at Holland College in the coming years,” she said.

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald is the college’s sixth president. He demonstrated stellar leadership in guiding the college through the pandemic, ensuring that students were supported in their learning, and that staff had necessary resources to shift to remote course delivery. Throughout his career, Dr. MacDonald served in various roles that permitted him to contribute to the development of innovative educational policy and administrative excellence provincially, nationally, and internationally. He was honoured in the spring of 2023 with the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contributions. He is a member of the Magnet Advisory Board and is active in numerous organizations.


Holland College President and CEO Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald