Holland College tied with Nova Scotia Community College for first position in the familiarity rankings of 20 post-secondary institutions in Narrative Research’s 2021 Atlantic Reputation Monitor.

Familiarity ratings represent the average proportion of residents familiar with the organization out of a possible 100 per cent. This is calculated by taking the proportion that are ‘unfamiliar’ from 100 per cent. The closer this value is to 100 per cent, the more familiar the public is of the organization.

Familiarity with Holland College remains strong among Prince Edward Island residents at 92 per cent, putting the college in the top third of the 73 organizations in the Narrative Research database. The college’s familiarity sits well above the Atlantic familiarity norm of 81 per cent. The norm for P.E.I. is 86 per cent and the post-secondary familiarity norm is 78 per cent.

The reputation of Holland College continues to be highly favourable in Prince Edward Island, the report revealed. At 7.9 out of 10, the college’s reputation rating remains very strong compared to Narrative Research’s Atlantic Canadian Reputation Monitor database. The average reputation rating for Atlantic Canada is 6.6, and the average in P.E.I. is 6.4.

Out of the 73 companies in the Atlantic database, Holland College ranks second for its reputation this year, and third among 39 organizations on the Island. Across post-secondary institutions the reputation norm is 7.4. The college’s reputation rating puts it in a tie for second position with Nova Scotia Community College, Dalhousie University, and Mount Allison University.

Holland College President, Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald, said the college’s consistently high rankings may be attributable, in part, to the more than 14,700 Holland College alumni who live in all parts of Atlantic Canada.

“Our graduates have been part of the labour force in all areas of Atlantic Canada for more than 50 years,” he said. “The quality of a post-secondary institution is frequently judged by the performance of its graduates, and ours continue to be exceptional.”