Holland College has signed a degree pathway agreement with NSCAD University that will enable graduates of the one-year Fundamental Arts certificate program to receive credit in the university’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program.

The agreement stipulates that graduates of the Fundamental Arts program will receive approximately one year of credit toward the four-year degree program. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program gives students the unique opportunity to specialize in a selected area while also exploring other fine art disciplines.

The purpose of the Fundamental Arts program is to enable students to explore the visual arts in order to build their portfolio and explore their interests.  Holland College program manager Liam Corcoran said the agreement will provide graduates from the Fundamental Arts program with a seamless transition into university.

For a complete list of the more than 130 degree pathway agreements Holland College has with universities across the country and around the world, visit hollandcollege.com/dp.


(L-R) Holland College Fundamental Arts instructor Kate Sharpley discusses student Camila Chalini Blanche’s painting with her and student Aly Nemeth. Both students are considering NSCAD’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program.