Good afternoon Members,

The Chamber continues to dialogue with Government and follow the support programs you need for your businesses.

A brief reminder of yesterday’s programs that the Province announced:

  1. Wage Rebate for Impacted Workers
    • 100 per cent wage rebate for businesses while closed due to power outage or significant physical damage which made operating impossible, and,
    • The business was not earning revenue at the time.
    • For the next two weeks, this program will allow employers to pay employees up to a maximum of $25/hr to a max of $1000 per week per employee.
  2.  Provincial Disaster Financial Assistance Program
    • To help with costs to repair or replace uninsurable, essential basic property loss due to disasters.

Today, the Government announced a host of relief for eligible Islanders in need and a host of community-based NGOs to help people. You can read more about it here.

The Province continues to update their Storm Response webpage, and I encourage you to refer to it as the relief efforts continue.

Maritime Electric continues their heroic efforts, restoring power to households across the Island. While there are many still without power, their impressive efforts these past number of days deserve high praise. The restoration of power continues to be a high priority for the Chamber.

We continue to ask you for your feedback on how things are going, how you as a business are doing, and what type of relief you need to see as we move forward.  It is important that the Chamber hears from you so we can help inform the respective levels of Government of how they can further support the business community in this time of need.

The Chamber Team continues to work behind the scenes for you and stands with you as we face the challenges that Hurricane Fiona has thrown upon us.

Stay strong and stay safe.


Robert Godfrey,
Chief Executive Officer
Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce