Award-winning Island entrepreneur and President of KC Collect, Krista Walsh, is set to launch her second book, Stories of a Debt Collector: Chasing Dollars, Delinquents and Durnagos, this month.

This book chronicles the many ups, downs, and downright hilarious encounters Krista Walsh has had as a debt collector over the past two decades. In her unique storytelling, readers will find valuable lessons for debt collection, building a small business from the ground up, and life in general.

The book’s foreword was written by Andrew Oland, President of Moosehead Breweries. “Krista is a captivating storyteller and dynamic entrepreneur,” Oland said. “Building her business from the ground up, she gained valuable experience with every challenge.”

Walsh has been awarded many accolades, including being recognized as an Atlantic Canadian Emerging Leader by 21Inc (twice) and 4Front Atlantic. Krista was the first female owner of a collections agency in Prince Edward Island, beginning her journey in 2005. She has since grown her company from a one-person operation to servicing numerous clients throughout Atlantic Canada.

“Collecting outstanding debt is no walk in the park,” Walsh says. “We often get calls where the Small Business owner is only days away from closing their doors because of outstanding receivables.”

Pre-order your copy of Stories of a Debt Collector: Chasing Dollars, Delinquents and Durnagos by visiting:

The book is available for pre-purchase large quantities (10+) by contacting Krista. The e-book will also be available for download on Amazon on September 26, 2023