Lennon Recovery House Association Inc. is delighted to announce the recent hire of Sandra MacNevin as Executive Director, following a rigorous competitive process.

Sandra is already proving herself to be a strong asset to the Lennon Recovery House Team. In this leadership role, she will contribute significantly to the Association’s mandate delivery of its mission, mentor existing and new staff and inspire current and future clients. Sandra brings not only her personal passion for recovery and balanced living, but she also brings a wealth of lived and professional experience to the role – in excess of 27 years of experience working in the field of Addiction Services and Mental Health within the health and wellness space, notably in the public sector, with Health PEI, and 34 years of living in balance in the recovery community.

Sandra ‘s qualifications include a long and distinguished litany of accomplishments and a strong combination of formal education, training and life experience. Her formal education and professional development include many accolades, varying from university degrees to certified credentials.

Sandra’s work experience provides an extensive history and demonstrated track record in delivering direct client services, program development and supervision, all while working within a collaborative model and approach and alongside community partners. She has also worked extensively with clients exhibiting complex needs, facilitating and co-facilitating various treatment groups as well as providing case work supervision. Her previous work experience has also included leading program development and program implementation based upon best practice models and a trauma-informed approach. Having worked in the field of addictions and co-morbid mental health conditions over many, many years, and being in recovery herself, Sandra distinguishes herself with first-hand knowledge and explains with equal parts of enthusiasm, pride and humility, that: ‘We do recover’!