Norbert Stewart, Co-Owner of Syntrak Print & Graphics Inc. of Charlottetown, PE, is also a part time writer of fiction-adventure, crime fiction and non-fiction novels. Since 2012, he has authored and self-published 8 novels, His latest, “Mysie”, is a legacy novel based on the incredible life of Marjorie “Mysie” MacDonald. Mysie was born in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in 1828. Along with a group of 45 Gaelic speaking families, she arrived in central New Brunswick in late November 1836. That winter, 48 of the group perished due to starvation and hypothermia, including her father. At age 10, she became the family’s mainstay caretaker. Because of her iron will, extraordinary determination and unshakable faith, she survived the unsurvivable, passing away at the age of 78 in 1906. This novel made Amazon Canada Books Top 100 List in November and is available at the bookmark in Charlottetown.