an economic action plan to foster growth

The PEI Partnership for Growth is a private sector-led alliance of 21 founding partners representing business organizations, industry associations and many supporters from the Island’s private sector and communities. The Chamber initiated the Partnership with a call to work with the provincial government to develop an economic action plan to foster growth. The Province announced its support for this private sector-led initiative during the 2019 election and again in the 2019-20 budget.

A thriving economy allows us to collectively pay for the things that shape our quality of life—health care, education, social services, and environmental stewardship. In addition to much needed jobs, successful businesses provide the government with revenues that support these services and programs.

Since its inception, the Partnership has developed an economic action plan to serve as a long-term roadmap for the Island’s economy. The plan was informed by consultation with more than 200 stakeholders and extensive secondary research. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly challenging for businesses in the hardest-hit sectors, the Partnership looks to aid both recovery and preparation for a future in which PEI has a resilient, sustainable, and growing economy.

While there are still uncertainties and recovery will vary by industry, it is entrepreneurs and businesses that will lead the charge, with provincial and federal governments support, for a swift return to a healthy growing economy.

The PEI Partnership for Growth Economic Action Plan (2021-2026) includes the following priorities:

1. Create an outstanding environment where businesses and communities can thrive.

2. Develop a growing, diverse, and skilled workforce necessary for PEI’s economic future.

3. Stimulate innovation and sector-by-sector growth in a changing global environment.

4. Drive entrepreneurship to power PEI’s economic success.

5. Build PEI’s reputation of being innovative and clean.

The Partnership thanks everyone who supported the development of the plan and asks for continued support for successful implementation over the months and years to come. Through collaboration and alignment, we will experience A Bigger Future for Our Island.

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