This week, the Progressive Conservative Party voted down a bill, brought forward by the Green Party, which called for an amendment to PEI’s Employment Standards Act to remove subsection 22.2 (2). This subsection allows employers to request a sick note by a medical practitioner, after three consecutive days of absences, certifying that the employee is or was unable to work due to illness or injury.

Our Chamber welcomes the news that this subsection will stay the same, allowing employers the opportunity to request a sick note if they so choose or to not if they don’t.

In October, our Chamber conducted an online survey on paid sick leave consultation, where many respondents expressed the importance of requesting sick notes when it comes to labour and making sure sick leave policies are not abused.

While we understand our members’ views can differ on this topic, like any topic, we welcome the decision to maintain the subsection and allow employers the flexibility to choose whether to request a sick note from employees after three consecutive days or not, accommodating diverse business needs.