In order to provide more information to our members on the 2021 Federal Election, we decided to pose questions to all candidates who are vying to represent the Greater Charlottetown Area (Charlottetown, Cornwall, Stratford).

Since the Chamber held a Charlottetown Candidates’ Debate, we wanted to provide candidates in Malpeque the same opportunity through a question-and-answer submission format. These questions were sent to all candidates who are registered with Elections Canada in the riding of Malpeque, and the answers of those who responded to our request can be found below. Please note, the candidate responses are ordered alphabetically by their last name.

Anna Keenan – Green Party

Heath MacDonald – Liberal Party

Michelle Neill – NDP

Jody Sanderson – Conservative Party


1 – Intro: Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to represent Malpeque in Ottawa as Member of Parliament? (max. 100 words)

2 – Workforce: We hear from our members frequently about the pressure of labour and skills shortages across a wide range of sectors. It is especially concerning because we see higher rates of unemployment than we did before the pandemic, yet there are still hundreds of jobs being left unfilled. What is your plan to deal with these shortages, and how might you and your party achieve this?

3 – Small Business Support: Small businesses have been through a stressful and tiring past eighteen months. While there have certainly been business support programs to help, businesses will feel the impacts long after the pandemic is gone. What will you and your party do to support our small businesses and economic recovery after COVID-19?

4 – Affordability: A major issue throughout this election has been overall affordability for Canadians. Due to the rising inflation, the rise in housing and rent costs, and the rise in the cost of everyday life, people are finding it harder and harder to get ahead. We see it in our businesses and our communities every day. When Islanders have to devote more of their hard-earned income to necessities like food and housing, it means less disposable income for them to spend within our business community. What will you and your party do to make life more affordable for everyday Canadians?

5 – Pandemic Debt: COVID-19 has required our federal government to make immediate and necessary investments during the pandemic to ensure Canadians, families, and businesses were taken care of. While much of this was necessary during the initial months of the pandemic, many of our members have expressed concern for the extensions of some programs and, more importantly, how the government plans to pay back the massive debt accumulated during the pandemic and beyond. In fact, this was a key component of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s election platform, What It Takes to Grow. What will you and your party do to deal with the pandemic debt?