On August 30, the Chamber submitted its recommendations to the provincial Employment Standards Board’s Annual Minimum Wage Rate Review on behalf of our members.

Recommendations to the Employment Standard Board included that the provincial government:

  1. Define its desired outcome for minimum wage, review current methodology, and develop a long-term strategy for minimum wage within the next six months as a way to create a transparent, fair, and predictable process.
  2. Set its desired minimum wage target, and once the target is achieved, begin to tie future minimum wage increases to the prior year consumer Price Index.
  3. Fulfills its election promise to increase the Basic Personal Amount to $12,000 before 2023.
  4. Re-evaluate its income tax bracket model to better align with the Atlantic provinces and leave more money in the pockets of Islanders, especially low-income Islanders.
  5. Mandate that a notice of a minimum wage rate change be given no later than six months before a scheduled increase.

Click here to view and download a copy of the submission.