Two well-established marine distributors with deep Maritime roots are joining together to form a single company. Maritime Marine Supply will begin filling orders for marine dealers and boat builders across Canada beginning in January 2021.

Stright-MacKay and Mermaid Marine each have their own history and identity. Maritime Marine Supply will build on that foundation, and continue the East Coast tradition of forging lasting relationships based on trust and respect. “Maritime Marine will combine the strengths of both companies without sacrificing the qualities that made each company unique,” says company president, Ron Savidant.

In 2019, a family-owned business from Nova Scotia purchased Stright-MacKay and Mermaid Marine. Since then time, the two companies have continued to operate independently. For the past six months, Stright-MacKay and Mermaid Marine have shared a management team. This is the same team that will lead Maritime Marine Supply into the future.

Maritime Marine Supply is the same team you’ve always trusted; the family has just grown a little larger!

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