Upcycle Green Tech is one of the 5 winning companies of Innovation PEI’s Ignition Fund – Spring 2023.

The innovation pursued by The Upcycle Company involves the conversion of gasoline compact cars into small electric pickup trucks, exemplified by their new creation, the REV-500. This conversion process, founded upon five fundamental premises (electrical conversion, retrofitting of vehicles, repurposing of passenger cars into trucks, utilization as fleet vehicles, and implementation of serial production) culminates in the production of the REV-500. Crafted from recycled materials sourced from aging Toyota Corollas, this electric pickup possesses a substantial payload capacity of 500 kg (1100 lb). The project’s fruition, after a meticulous three-year developmental period, anticipates its market entry in the initial quarter of 2024.

Winning this prestigious award means more than just receiving a grant. It’s a clear recognition from the Innovation PEI jury of the Upcycle project’s true potential.