Join Inclusifyy Founder Amanda Fernandez and ASDA Executive Director Daniel Ohaegbu on September 23, 2021, for a workshop on How to be a White Manager/Leader Who is Inclusive & Anti-Racist.

Attendees will learn: 
1. Evidence-based recruiting strategies that you can use to attract & interview a diverse & qualified candidate pool that yields effective results;
2. How to identify when performance issues are related to systemic barriers versus the need for supports & performance coaching when managing employees of colour;
3. How to support your organization in implementing substantive & meaningful EDI action plans;
4. How to create & implement practical HR strategies that are not based on racist & oppressive foundations, such as meritocracy, mentorship, ERGs, etc.;
5. How to have uncomfortable conversations about race & racism in the workplace with White colleagues & employees of colour.

While this workshop is designed for White managers & leaders, Whiteness is pervasive. We encourage everyone who manages/leads to attend.

Join us on September 23 from 12:00-3:00 pm (Eastern).

Registration link: